Waste Water Tank Rental

Holding Tanks for waste water containment at Festivals & Events when on-site sanitary systems are not available. Miller & Company also provides Holding Tanks for Temporary Office and Job Trailers. Rent A Fresh Water Tank

Whether you’re planning an event, a festival or working on a construction job site, waste or gray water containment is not always available.

Miller and Company has Waste Water Holding Tanks available to fit your event, vendor needs or job size.

When planning your event don’t forget about your food venders! Many Venders’ are required by the Health Department to have waste water holding tanks for their trucks.

Have a temporary office or job trailer that requires fresh water and waste water containment? A great way to provide a temporary water solution is to pair our water tanks with our waste holding tanks to make a complete portable water & waste system.

Miller and Company will arrange weekly, or as needed, water refill and waste pumping of our tanks and systems.

Contact Us for more information or request a Free Estimate on the most affordable and efficient way to dispose of your waste!

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Rent Waste Water Tanks in Ohio